vineri, 28 ianuarie 2011

Enforced sex lessons from the age of five

UK Enforced sex lessons from the age of five
Taken from CF NEWS here of the National Association of Catholic Families
Parents are currently allowed to withdraw their children from sex education lessons, but speculation is growing that the Government's answer to record abortion numbers among schoolgirls is to start sex education with five-year-olds and scrap the parental opt-out. Figures released this week show a 21 per cent leap in abortions for under-14s between 2006 and 2007. The overall number of abortions reached an all-time high. Under the current law schools must teach the biological facts about sex in science lessons to secondary school pupils. But anything more than this is not compulsory and parents can ask for their children not to be included.
In February the Government launched a review of sex education. It includes considering targeting primary schools and scrapping the parental opt-out. The UK Youth Parliament was asked to play a leading role in the review. The group supports removing a parent's right to withdraw their child from sex lessons. According to The Times, Ministers have repeatedly hinted that the proposal will be adopted. But the Department for Children, Families and Schools has said it has 'no current plans' to make sex lessons compulsory. Other articles in this week's newspapers also report the speculation that the Government intends to force compulsory sex lessons on five-year-olds. But critics say more sex education is not the answer. After decades of the 'safer sex' approach Britain still has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in western Europe. More than 20 schoolgirls become pregnant in England every day. Sexually Transmitted Infections have risen sharply amongst teenagers. [Christian Institute] 1458.18

Well all I can say is if they come for my little girls & boys....well they'd best watch out!! Likewise if they try & pervert my teenagers....!!!! Bring them on!!


MaggieClitheroe said...
I don't suppose you take your youngest children into cafes too often, so haven't come across them going into the loo, and asking what the condom machine is for? That's what recently has been happening with our boy, having stopped for lunch at a local supermarket recently. He thinks it's some kind of chewing gum, at present, but I think he senses his Dad's unease when discussing it! We feel like ripping the things off the walls when we come across them in all these supposedly "family friendly" places...but then we'd have the dilemma of explaining why Mummy and Daddy were being sent to prison for destroying chewing gum machines!!! This society is out to pervert our children BIg time.
Jackie Parkes said...
Fortunately as you say they don't often go out...& haven't noticed those machines...we've only just let the boys get changed alone in the boys changing rooms also. Still their Primary School the Oratory is excellent in this sensitive area..