vineri, 28 ianuarie 2011

Alli Weight Loss Bloggers Unite!

Before I decided to try the Alli weight loss drug I scoured the blogosphere looking for bloggers who were using the Alli and blogging about their experiences. I was disappointed to find that although there were a lot of bloggers blogging about Alli, few had ever actually tried it. I've started an Alli bloggers blogroll and I'm sad to say that so far there's only 3 bloggers on it. You can't tell me that with this stuff flying off of the shelves more people aren't blogging about it!

This is who I have so far:
  • Fat for now
  • I Think Therefore I Blog
  • Teachnfool's Alli Blog
Are you a blogger actually using Alli? Leave me a comment and I'll add you to my blogroll*.

*If/when the roll gets long enough I'll move it into blogrolling and offer the code to everyone.


Bex said...
Hi Anna! This is Beka of Bexy.Wordpress.Com. I just started my Alli weight loss program, also. I look forward to reading your progress! Good luck!
Veronika said...
Annaliese Please add me to your Alli blog. I'm using it 19 day's to be exact. So far I lost 14.5 pounds, but not all of them are a result from Alli. I started my diet without it first and after I lost weight I started Alli. Good luck to you, and thanks for leaving the encouraging comment on my blog. Nice to know like minded people!